Voice of the People Action is a nonpartisan civic organization which seeks to improve American democracy and rebuild public trust by giving “We the people” a greater voice in government.  We urge elected officials to listen to and take into account the views of their constituents as a whole, through public consultations with representative samples of the people.

Dramatic new research, reported in the New York Times, demonstrates the demand from voters to be consulted on policy decisions, finding more than four-in-ten voters say they would likely cross party lines to vote for candidates who pledge, when voting on legislation, to take into account the views of the people they represent. Not just primary voters or the politically connected–but listening to the people as a whole.

Most voters think Congressional representatives:

  • have little interest in the views of their constituents (73%)
  • make decisions aligned with the views of the majority of the people less than one-third of the time
  • should be responsive to their constituents as a whole, not just those who voted for them (74%). 

Americans believe that if Congress were to integrate the public will into the policymaking process, it would be more likely to break through polarization, find common ground, and solve the pressing problems ahead. 

Through the Listen to the People Pledge, Voice of the People Action will encourage congressional candidates to demonstrate their commitment to represent all of the people of their district. Voice of the People Action will showcase candidate pledges on our website with a link to their campaigns, and publicize pledges to the news media and digitally on social networks.

New technology has enabled democratic innovations that allow representative samples of constituents to weigh in on important policy proposals, and realize the founders’ vision of giving “We the People” a seat at the policymaking table.

We promote the use of public consultation, especially surveys in which representative samples of voters are briefed on pending legislative proposals, evaluate competing arguments, and then register their views. The findings of these surveys are presented to the Member of Congress in briefings or at forums where constituents and their representative discuss the issues.

Our sister organization, Voice of the People, along with universities and other nonpartisan civic organizations, have conducted numerous public consultations with Members of Congress across the country, and are ramping up to do more in 2023

Voice of the People Action’s vision is to give the public a permanent seat at the policymaking table and ensure that all Members of Congress understand the views of their constituents prior to voting on important legislation. 

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